Digital Currency Group (DCG) and Genesis Creditors Reach Preliminary Agreement to Settle Bankruptcy Claims

Digital Currency Group (DCG) has reportedly reached an in-principle agreement with the creditors of Genesis Global Holdco, LLC, aimed at resolving the claims raised during the bankruptcy proceedings of Genesis. According to a court filing on Tuesday, this agreement has the potential to lead to recoveries ranging from 70% to 90% in terms of USD […]

1inch Investment Fund Completes $10 Million Ethereum (ETH) Acquisition

Recent blockchain data analysis has revealed that the 1inch Investment Fund, a branch of the 1inch Network, has made a substantial acquisition of Ethereum (ETH) through its cryptocurrency wallet. The investment fund procured a considerable amount of Ether, specifically 6,088 ETH, at a unit price of $1,655. This transaction translates to an investment exceeding $10 […]